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Tokyo International Gift Show

Gift Show

With a history of over 45 years, Tokyo International Gift Show (TIGS) is the largest exhibition known as the gateway to the gift market in Japan. TIGS takes place in Tokyo twice a year in spring and autumn, and the 86th tradeshow in September 2018 has enjoyed another success.


The 86th Tokyo International Gift Show Autumn 2018

Tokyo International Gift Show (TIGS) Autumn has been a complex of tradeshows, concurrently held with Gift Show LIFE x DESIGN, Gourmet & Dining Style Show, Premium Incentive Show, and Premium Beauty Health. These exhibitions take place at one site by using the entire halls of Tokyo Big Sight, and we often call the overall exhibitions "Gift Show."

Tokyo International Gift Show
The exhibition place composes large 10 halls of Tokyo Big Sight

The exhibition in Autumn 2018 was held for 4 days from 4th to 7th of September with 2,933* participants, and the total number of visitors was 308,718*. During the exhibition period, a typhoon approaching Japan was a concern, but the exhibition place was lively with many buyers “mining”unique products.
( * : The amount for the overall exhibitions )

I visited the show as a member of the press on the 6th of September 2018 and here are some of unique products/services which caught my eye.

Traditional Japanese products

The feature of the gift show held in Japan is that you can find unique products designed to add traditional Japanese style. These products may only be found in Japan which will be a good souvenir for people visiting Japan.

Bento Boxes
Bento lunch boxes in a stylish design, suitable for business people bringing a bento for lunch at the office.
The SKATER Co., Ltd. https://www.skater.co.jp/

Stationaries made with traditional Japanese paper Mino Washi.
ISHIKAWA PAPER GOODS LTD https://www.ishikawa-shigyo.com/

The helmet-like Samurai cap, light armor, and wine bottle covers.
By SAMURAI AGE https://www.samurai-age.jp/

Unique Products

Finding unique products at trade show always gives me excitement, can be like treasure hunting. During the gift show this year, I could find ordinary-but-creative-and-innovative products and services.

PATATTO is a foldable, comfy-to-sit lightweight portable chair. The chair comes in sizes, and the one can fit in a backpack.
IKEX Industry Co., Ltd. (SOLCION) http://www.solcion.jp/en/

This patented carton box by a distribution company in Japan enables packaging without tape. The box is still secure and allows opening with one hand.
K.K LD Ryutsu Center (Oripa) https://oripa.jp/

A sorting inspection company participated. This company is in a corporate group having an inspection facility in Cambodia.
Yoshida Sorting Inspection Co., Ltd. (HQTS) https://www.hqts.jp/

Amazing water-repellent technology from a dying & finishing company. The dyed fabric lets through the air only.
Asakura Senpu Co., Ltd. http://www.asakura-senpu.co.jp/en/

Unique Food Products

The 24th Gourmet & Dining Style Show concurrently held at East Hall 3 was also a place to find unique products. There were crowds with people sampling creative food products there.

A pudding-like mousse, made from rice and water, contains no eggs and no milk.
K.K Komeya http://ekome.biz/

Organic coffee made from soybeans.
Soy Cafe http://soycafe.jp/
An importing/exporting company introduced an innovative food product from France which gathered attention, particularly from female buyers.
Chez Melin https://www.chez-melin.com/

An import company introduced date palms. Many people sampled as the date palm is still new in Japan.
USOUQ K.K https://www.good-dates.com/

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Tokyo International Gift Show



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