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LED Neu Flex – Flexible Rope Light & Strip Light

LED Neu Flex is a flexible LED light for shops, restaurants, homes and buildings, alternative to neon lights used in both indoor and outdoor areas.


Why choose LED Neu Flex?
Three features tell the reason; Easy, Flexible and Strong

LED Neu Flex is a series of flexible LED lights, includes rope lights, strip lights and tape lights. The idea behind LED Neu Flex is to be adaptable to any design you have in mind, allowing a broad range of lighting expressions by changing its shape flexibly.

LED Neu Flex has three notable features telling you why to chose them.

1. Easy to handle

LED Neu Flex can be used with AC100V. DC power supply is not required. It enables direct connection with a 100V power line, without setting up a power-supply unit so you don’t have to consider any extra space to place the device when designing.

2. Flexible in changing shape and length

The shape is also flexibly changed to create curving lines, straight lines, and cornering lines at 90-degree angles, allowing detailed lighting design such as channel letters. Combining different colour lights is also a way to expand your lighting expression.

3. Excellent durability and water-resistance

LED Neu Flex can be used both in indoor and outdoor environments. Using the originally developed ultra-thin copper foil and the most updated SMD with superior electrical conductivity, this LED light is excellent for durability and has high strength against bending fatigue. The use of a specifically formulated silicon and cutting-edge cable technology brought high waterproof performance.

Many benefits will be found after installing LED Neu Flex

In Japan, a special license is required to handle neon light devices. Since Neu Flex is not a neon light but a LED light, those who are qualified as an electrical worker can handle Neu Flex. The repair and maintenance are pretty easy as it is cuttable for partial exchange. Various accessories are also provided for easy, fast, and secure installation.

LED Neu Flex is low-voltage, low-heat, with a high level of safety. By using high-purity thick copper foils, it enhances heat transfer efficiency. Neu Flex is 30% brighter than similar LED lights as the most updated LED chips (Epistar), with 120LEDs/M, are adopted. Also, the quality chips are rationally placed on the flexible circuit board so that it can maintain color and light uniformity for a long time.

LED Neu Flex is ROHS Compliant, radiates no ultraviolet/infrared ray to be environmentally friendly. Compared to ordinary lighting devices, Neu Flex involves less power consumption, leading to cost reduction in a long-term use.

Neu Flex is so flexible to use, allowing you to be creative and use in various ways

and more!

To find more information about LED Neu Flex, please visit the official website neuflex.jp where product catalogs are downloadable (Japanese language PDF).


Based in Tokyo, GTL Japan is a company specializing in lighting equipment, handles up-to-date, unique LED products.

LED Neu Flex (LEDノイフレックス) is a brand of LED lights produced by GTL Japan.

GTL Japan has Japanese, Korean, English and Chinese speaking staffs who can help you with tailor-made services.



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