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News Release: Magazine issued


The very 1st bilingual restaurant magazine in Japan!
Sakura Restaurants Co., Ltd has issued “TOKYO THE 50 BEST RESTAURANTS 2018 FOR ADULTS” , the first English and Japanese bilingual restaurant guide. The magazine is designed for both Japanese and foreign restaurants lovers. It introduces 50 excellent restaurants including star-awarded ones in Tokyo, and 2017 newly opened ones with their own specialties.

The background of publishing “THE 50 BEST RESTAURANTS” and its usage

Tokyo withdraws more and more global attention and so does Japanese food culture
With 2020 Tokyo Olympics around the corner, the number of foreign visitors to Japan is skyrocketing. In 2013 alone, the number of visitors to Japan is about 10 million, and 24 million recorded in 2016, which is more than double of 2013. And this year from January to September, total about 21 millions visitors are recorded with about 20% increase from the same period of last year. Furthermore about 4 years ago in December 2013, the Japanese food was registered in UNESCO Intangible Culture Heritage. As the result, the Japanese food has been getting more and more worldwide attention. In Japan, Japanese food (all foods produced in Japan regardless of genre) has been admitted as a “culture” by Basic act for the promotion of Culture and the Arts and established as a “Culture” by the Japanese government. As a start, the Sakura Restaurants launched this bi-lingual (Japanese and English) magazine in order for wonderful Japanese food to be recognized by the rest of the world as well.

The world leading supreme restaurants in Tokyo symbolizing Japanese food culture
The Sakura Restaurants has been introducing high-class restaurants with their own specialties for more than 10 years in "Restaurants for adults' series magazines". The Sakura Restaurants launched “The Supreme restaurants” in 2011. This year is the 8th year and they again strictly selected the world leading supreme restaurants in various genres from high class restaurants to reasonably priced ones. The Sakura Restaurants is very confident that you can enjoy their extraordinary food and atmosphere. Furthermore they renewed the magazine and specially added the English version for visitors from overseas. The Sakura Restaurants also recommends Japanese readers to utilize this magazine when you invite your guests from overseas to dinner.

The Chief Editor of this magazine
The profile of Mr. Hidetoshi Kato, The producer of series magazines with accumulated over 5 million copies. Born in Hokkaido in 1961. Graduated from the department of English and American literature of Seikei University, the same school from which Mr. Shinzo Abe, Japanese prime minister graduated. Immediately after he graduated from the university, he started his own company and engaged in the promotion media such as TV and radios.

Currently he produces and publishes 6 series magazines that are sold out in every issues. He periodically travels to Paris, New York, Milan, Dubai and Shanghai and actively visits local restaurants. He also owns and managed high-class Japanese restaurants for about 10 years. He hosts the seminar for restaurants owners and gives lectures as well. It counted more than 150 lectures (for about 30 restaurants owners per lecture). As the professional of both the restaurants management and the media, he has earned enormous trust from not only chefs in Japan but also chefs active worldwide. Up to the present, more than 5,000 restaurants are introduced in his magazines.

For inquiries or information regarding the magazine, please contact Sakura Restaurants Co., Ltd

Release date:
Nov. 25th, 2017
160 Pages + 4 Cover Pages
JPY 980 (Tax included)
A4, Perfect binding, all color copied
Number of issues:
Sakura Restaurants Co., Ltd

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