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Japanese culture experience program for foreign visitors

Nihon Ryougaku Co.,Ltd. provides Japanese culture experience program which was commended by an international association.


News Release

Nihon Ryougaku received a prize of ASIA GOLDEN STAR AWARD 2017

ASIA GOLDEN STAR AWARD was held in Tokyo on December 2017,Nihon Ryougaku Co.,Ltd. providing experience programs to foreign visitors to Japan, was commended ENTERPRISE AWARD 2017.

"ASIA GOLDEN STAR AWARD" is the award prepared by Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation(AEEF), which commend excellent companies, commodities, people and services.

At this time, Nihon Ryougaku Co.,Ltd. entered the award, recommended by the visitor to Japan from Malaysia. After careful selection, we were awarded because we were esteemed our achievements and possibilities, contributions to Japanese culture.

Business Showcase

Nihon Ryougaku
Japanese culture experience program

Acclaimed experience program is that tourists visit "Shinto shrine", the place that enshrines Japanese gods.

Shinto shrine is the place where Japanese people visit as a sacred place. This program prepared as a high end program to enjoy the shrine visit to the fullest. Major target is foreign visitors to Japan, from JPY 300,000. There are many wealthy guests who value invisible force, became popular through word-of-mouth, we conduct the program over 50 times per year.

 Let us introduce the main three points that the program is highly esteemed.

Firstly, special experience is available, that is an inoperable experience by other competitors or countries. Hiroto Fujimoto, a representative of Nihon Ryougaku Co.,Ltd. is a specialist in Shrine visit, got qualified as a high-ranking Kannushi or Shinto priest at college.

Therefore, he is able to lecture the formal way to worship that few Japanese do, and from his connections, we can offer the special and mysterious experiences, Mikonomai (a dance performed by shrine maidens) or Gagaku (ancient court music ) contributed to a shrine under only our guests' eyes. Miko are women who serve gods, Gagaku is a traditional music that is recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage, and it is said to be the oldest orchestra in the world.

Secondly, to be able to learn Japanese culture or Shinto shrine history deeply. There are many foreign visitors who fly back home without learning about Japan, even they came to Japan. In this program, before shrine visit, guests got lectured about Japan, Shinto shrine and Japanese people. We received testimonials from our guests,"It changed the way to enjoy Japan, before and after learning.","I discovered Japanese fascination and it made sightseeing deeper and more fun a hundredfold.", "I became better versed in Japan than Japanese." and all.

Thirdly, there is an English and Chinese interpreter. When we provide the program, we convey the contents in Japanese and English, or Japanese and Chinese. In Japan, what we call Kotodama, it is said that the power lives in words. So, specialized interpreter conveys the contents in English or Chinese after speaking in Japanese.

As seen above, it is not the contents that anyone can experience, we provide the program that is focused on the "special" experience in Japan. These days, foreign companies that use the program as part of MICE are increasing, we got comments; "I found the reason for Japanese industriousness.","It was the most productive company trip than ever."

From 2018, in order to have tourists to Japan will discover Japan and come to Japan again, we will provide plans to suit need of customers from JPY 30,000 to 1,000,000. Please contact us by email for further information.


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