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Sayama Tea Picking

Attractions in Saitama Prefecture :
Stay in 'Little Edo' Kawagoe and Experience the Way of Life in a Castle Town


The kurazukuri warehouse district and Edo period-style streetscape of Kawagoe attracts vast numbers of visitors to the city. However, because the city is a mere 30-minute train ride from Tokyo, a large portion of visitors chose to return to home after a day of sightseeing in Kawagoe. But the serene streets of Kawagoe during the night and early morning offer a unique experience that differs from what visitors enjoy during the daytime, providing a chance to soak up a whole new side of the castle town's atmosphere.

In order to get a taste of what everyday life is like in 'Little Edo' Kawagoe, we recommend taking part in one of several immersive accommodation packages that provide guests with the opportunity to relax at a traditional, old Japanese-style home in the city.

Evening: Check-in

Tantoku Garden 丹徳庭園

Tantoku Garden can be found in the residential area when heading towards the kurazukuri warehouse district from Kawagoe Station.

Guests can rent out and stay in the annex (tearoom), which was built in 1901. The annex overlooks a Japanese rock garden that has been specially designed and arranged in karesansui (traditional dry landscaping) style.

Utilizing only sand and stones, the garden arrangement aims to recreate a natural landscape, combining with the surrounding greenery to provide an exquisite viewing experience that guests can enjoy while sitting on the annex verandah.

A matcha tea ceremony experience, which makes for the perfect welcome drink following check-in, as well as a pancake breakfast are both included as part of the special accommodation package.

Guests will feel as if they've been invited into the home of a distinguished merchant while dining on a delicious breakfast in the annex's stately parlor and enjoying the sweeping view of the gardens visible from the second floor where the bedroom is located.

Tantoku Garden
Official site: http://www.tantoku.jp/
Address: 1-8-2, Rokkemmachi, Kawagoe Shi, Saitama Ken, 350-0041
Phone: 049-224-9115

How to stay
(Reservation) Vacation stay
(Fee) Rent out :
20,000JPY for 1 person per night (weekdays)
23,000JPY for 1 person per night (weekends and holidays)
(2 - 5 person) 12,000JPY per person as additional fee
*without tax
(Check-in) from 16:00 (Check-out) by 12:00
The garden is open to the public after 9:30, so the available space is limited.

Station : Kawagoeshi (Tobu Tojo Line)
about 4 minutes on foot
Station : Hon-Kawagoe (Seibu Shinjuku Line)
about 7 minutes on foot

Ebisuya Traditional Japanese Home
古民家 惠比壽屋

Located close to Penny Candy Lane, this 130-year-old former rice store has been renovated into an accommodation facility which faces onto a street reminiscent of the shukuba post stations of the Edo period.

The large, traditional bathroom and meticulously well-maintained rooms are complemented by the hosts' thoughtful hospitality, attracting widespread praise from satisfied guests, who can sleep in either the guest room adjacent to the rear garden or the living room, which features a sunken kotatsu (heated table). The facility accepts only a single reservation each day for a maximum of 4 guests.

In the building's earthen-floor room, the host's second son runs a workshop called 'Hide' where he weaves various colored threads.

Ebisuya Traditional Japanese Home
Official site: http://mapleeihide.wixsite.com/ebisuya
Address: 1-6-7, Ishiwaramachi, Kawagoe Shi, Saitama Ken, 350-0824
Phone: 049-270-0922

How to stay
(Reservation) Airbnb, inquiry form of the website or phone
(Check-in) from 15:00 (Check-out) by 10:00

Station : Kawagoeshi (Tobu Tojo Line)
about 20 minutes on foot
Station : Hon-Kawagoe (Seibu Shinjuku Line)
about 20 minutes on foot

Further info.
“Kominka Ebisuya”

Night: Stroll peacefully through the quiet streets on your way to dinner

Ryotei Yamaya 料亭山屋

Ryotei Yamaya, a lasting symbol of Edo-period Japan, was first established as a restaurant after the property was purchased during the Meiji period, having previously belonged to an extremely wealthy merchant.

The building retains the vestiges of a castle town guest house and the establishment is deeply committed to providing luxury customer service to guests, with English menus and an English website aiming to assist travelers from abroad in enjoying ryotei (traditional Japanese restaurant) culture. We hope you will enjoy the scenic beauty of the establishment's luxurious garden throughout the seasons, as well as kaiseki-ryori (sophisticated traditional Japanese dishes) made from seasonal foods.

Ryotei Yamaya
Official site: https://ryoutei-yamaya.com/en/
Opening: 11:30 - 14:30(Ordered by 13:30), 17:00 - 21:30(Ordered by 19:00)
Closed Irregular holidays (5 or 6 days per month)
Address: 11-2, Saiwaicho, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama, 350-0063, Japan
Phone: 049-224-0048
Access: about 2 min on foot from "Toki no Kane" (Time Bell Tower)

Morning: A walk around Hikawa Shrine and some historic landmarks, such as the primary hall of Kawagoe Castle, followed by breakfast

Sandwich Parlor Raku Raku

Sandwich Parlor Raku Raku is a bakery specializing in sandwiches and can be found on Kawagoe's Penny Candy Lane. The store offers a wide range of sandwich varieties featuring various ingredients and types of bread made using Saitama-produced wheat flour, from vegetable-based sandwiches to sweet sandwich treats! The store's second and third floors serve as a dine-in area, and on days with favorable weather, guests are encouraged to enjoy the terrace seating area of the third floor.

Sandwich Parlor Raku Raku
Official site: http://www.bakery-rakuraku.com (Only in Japanese)
Opening: 8:00 - 17:30(weekdays),7:30 - 17:00(weekends and holidays)
Closed Irregular holidays
Address: 2-7-11, Motomachi, Kawagoe Shi, Saitama Ken, 350-0062
Phone: 049-236-3582
Access: about 4 min on foot from "Toki no Kane" (Time Bell Tower)


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