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diji-joho is now in collaboration with Tokyo Fabhub!

We are pleased to announce that digi-joho and Tokyo Fabhub have now agreed to form a strategic partnership aiming to promote foreign entrepreneurs’ new business development in Tokyo.

Tokyo Fabhub, a network of more than 100 small factories in Tokyo, will provide services to foreign entrepreneurs for their business development in Tokyo: such as supply chain development, finance arrangement, and marketing support. dig-joho will provide news and information relevant to new business development in Tokyo and serve as a platform for new business development.

Both parties believe that we are entering a new stage of international collaboration, an age of micro-multinationals. Our partnership will work to inform, network, and inspire people with like-minded.

Tokyo Fabhub

Tokyo Fabhub works with you to develop a new business in Tokyo

Tokyo Fabhub is a network of more than 100 selective small factories and craftsmen willing to work with foreign companies and entrepreneurs.

Specialised in high-mix small volume productions, it provides wide range of manufacturing in various types, volumes, and techniques. It has modern factories with state of art equipment in one hand and a group of craftsmen with unique and traditional manufacturing. The factories and craftsmen are mostly located in east part of Tokyo, namely city of Katsushika, Adachi, Sumida, and Edogawa.

The mission of Tokyo Fabhub is to help foreign companies find a reliable and affordable manufacturing partner in Tokyo. The English speaking staffs support communication with the factories, and skilled/seasoned engineers are there to work with you.

Tokyo Fabhub


Tokyo fabHub
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