Year-end Market at Yagenborifudo Temple, Nihonbashi | Dec. 26-28, 2021

A year-end market held at Nihonbashi, a historic wholesale district in Tokyo. Though this market is mainly to sell New Year's decorations, wholesalers also join the market and hold special sales of foods, clothes and more.

Japanese Artisanal Technique Exhibition | Dec.18-19. 2021

Visitors will experience the techniques of traditional craftsmanship which have supported Japanese culture and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. Admission Free

SEMICON JAPAN 2021 Hybrid | Dec. 15-17. 2021

SEMICON Japan takes place in the heart of the semiconductor supply chain with hundreds of exhibiting companies from Japan and other regions, showcasing innovative solutions for your technology challenges and business success.

This annual event in 2021 is canceled due to COVID-19.

Flea Market in Setagaya (Boroichi Market) | Canceled

A traditional market with a history over 400 years, more than 700 stalls line in the streets. There is the Daikan-yashiki 代官屋敷, a former residence of the local governor (Samurai house) near the market place.

Sustainable Material Expo (SUSMA) | Dec. 8-10. 2021

The comprehensive exhibition will showcase sustainable, environmentally friendly materials such as biodegradable resins and cellulose and recycled/reused materials for the circular economy.


One of the largest antique markets in Tokyo, some 200 dealers will participate and sell different kinds of antiques.

Japan SMEs Tech & Service, Tokyo | Dec. 8-10. 2021

The exhibition showcases unique new products, services, and technologies elaborated by Japanese small and medium-sized enterprises.

EcoPro 2021 | Dec. 12 - 8 2021

Environment and Society of the SDGs Era, and to the Future - Eco-products, Eco-solutions, Environmental and Energy technology, Environmental, CSR initiatives, SDGs

ICHIHARA ART x MIX 2020+ | Nov.19 - Dec. 26, 2021

The art festival in Ichihara city, created by locals and artists across the world together.