Events in Japan

October - 10 : Jyu-gatsu

Events in Japan

Tsukemen Ramen Competition | Canceled

This annual event in 2021 is canceled due to COVID-19.

The largest food festival featuring Tsukemen (dipping) Ramen will take place at Okubo-koen in Shinjuku. During the festival, visitors can enjoy Tsukemen Ramen of 100 famous restaurants across Japan.

Tokyo Market Meat Festival | Canceled

This annual event in 2021 is canceled

The food festival will take place at Tokyo Meat Market in Shinagawa, Tokyo. The festival's specialties in this year are meat products from Iwate prefecture. You will be able to sample Tonkatsu and Yakiniku.

KAKEGAWA CHAENNALE Art Festival | Oct.16-Nov.14 2021

An art event held in Kakegawa City, known for green tea production and its beautiful landscape of tea fields. During this event, artworks will be exhibited all around the city. They also hold various art programs including workshops.

AGRI WEEK TOKYO | Oct. 13 - 15, 2021

Asia’s Leading Show for Agricultural & Livestock Technologies

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