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Visa and Passport Requirements for entry into Japan

Brief Introduction of Entering Japan as a Visitor

Any foreign visitor to Japan, not born in Japan, will require a current passport. The name on your airline ticket must be the same as the name on your passport. If the names do not match you will be denied boarding until the aircraft, probably lose your chance to travel to Japan and may incur severe penalties.

Your Passport must have more than 6 months available, in time, before the expiration date before leaving for Japan. Depending on which country you are born, you might have to obtain a Visa. Please check with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA) or a Japanese embassy or consulate considerable time before your scheduled arrival in Japan.


Port of Entry and Exit

At any port of entry into Japan visitors are requested to fill out an Embarkation - Disembarkation card for Foreigner and a Customs Declaration Form, if applicable, and produce the following items for examination by the immigration inspector. 

A ticket for return transportation, travel documents valid for the duration of the authorized stay and for return travel from Japan and a reasonable sum of money to cover the expenses of your stay in Japan.

Customs Declaration

A declaration of one’s belongings will suffice. Ask your travel agent for more details.

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