Events in Japan

January - 1 : Ichi-gatsu

Events in Japan

This event in 2021 is canceled due to COVID-19.

Daruma Doll Market at Kitain Temple | Canceled

Kawagoe historic district includes old merchant homes built in the traditional warehouse style of the Edo period. Kitain, a historical temple related to the Tokugawa Shogun family, has various attractions including the numerous stone states called Gokyaku Rakan.

Maebashi New Year Market Festival | Jan. 9.

A traditional market held to sell Daruma dolls. Many stalls line along Honmachi-dori Road (Route 50) and shopping streets of central Maebashi. Traditional ceremonies will also take place on the street and at Maebashi Hachimangu Shrine. This event in 2021 will be on s smaller scale.

This event in 2021 is canceled due to COVID-19.

Antique Jamboree | Canceled

One of the biggest antique showcases in Japan, featuring Japanese, western antiques and old toys.

Isesaki New Year Market (Isesaki Hatsuichi) | Jan. 11.

A traditional market held to sell Daruma dolls and lucky charms. More than 200 stalls line along Honcho-dori Avenue where “B-kyu Gurume” or B-movie types of food will be served. Traditional performing arts will also take place at Isesaki-jinja Shrine.

This event in 2021 is canceled due to COVID-19.

Flea Market in Setagaya (Boroichi Market) | Canceled

A traditional market with a history of over 400 years, more than 700 stalls will line on the streets. The marketplace is located near the Daikan-yashiki 代官屋敷, a former residential house of the local governor (Samurai house).

CAR-MECHA JAPAN | Jan.20-22. 2021

An exhibition specialised in processing technology for automotive manufacturing. The best place to meet automotive engineers from all over the world. (Onsite/Online tradeshow)

SMART FACTORY Expo | Jan.20-22. 2021

Japan's largest exhibition gathering technologies and products related to smart factories such as IoT/M2M solutions, FA technologies, industrial robots, green energy solutions, and factory equipment, and more. (Onsite/Online tradeshow)

WEARABLE EXPO | Jan.20-22. 2021

From wearable devices to IoT, AR/VR technology, the latest materials&components, all about wearables gather from around the world. (Onsite/Online tradeshow)

RoboDEX | Jan.20-22. 2021

From industrial/service robots to development technology, IT, AI, and more - all about robots will gather at this show. (Onsite/Online tradeshow)

Japan Festa in ADACHI | Jan. 23, 24. 2021

A local art event takes place in Adachi-ku of Tokyo 23 Wards. Traditional Japanese music in contemporary style will be performed. This event is held onsite/onlie.

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