Events in Japan

June - 6 :  Roku-gatsu

Events in Japan

Saururus Chinensis in bloom at Kamakura central park

Lies in the north-west of Kamakura historic town, this 23.7-hectares park boasts its landscapes created by nestling wild gardens into the natural setting. Saururus Chinensis will be at its best in late June.

Manufacturing World Japan 2022 | Jun.22 - 24 2022

The perfect place to introduce solutions for R&D cycle shortening, productivity improvement, quality improvement, VA/VE, and cost reduction to industry professionals. Manufacturing World Japan consists of 9 specialized shows for each product category.

"JAPAN'S FOOD" EXPORT FAIR | Jun.22 - 24 2022

Strongly supported by the Japanese government, "JAPAN'S FOOD" EXPORT FAIR is a trade show exclusively for importers, wholesalers, and international buyers of Japanese food and beverage products.

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