Events in Japan

October - 10 : Jyu-gatsu

Events in Japan

World Veterinary Day in Japan | Oct.1. 2022

The Japan Veterinary Medical Association will hold "2022 Animal Appreciation Day in JAPAN, "World Veterinary Day" at Ueno Onshi Park. The event will have a veterinarian experience program for kids, a horse exhibition, and stage events..

Tsukemen Ramen Festival | Oct.6 - Nov.9. 2022

The largest food festival featuring Tsukemen (dipping) Ramen will take place at Okubo-koen in Shinjuku. During the festival, visitors can enjoy Tsukemen Ramen of 100 famous restaurants across Japan.

Sawara-no Taisai Festival in autumn | Oct. 7 - 9. 2022

Sawara-no Taisai is a traditional festival held in Sawara, a natural waterway district, known for the cherished old townscape. With a 300-year history or more, Sawara Taisai has been designated as a significant intangible folk cultural asset of Japan.

Food trade show "Food Selection 2022" | Oct. 12 - 13 2022

Supported by local banks in Japan, this trade show is a place where local food producers and manufacturers showcase their products, aiming to expand their market in Japan. Buyers will get an opportunity of finding unique food products from companies across Japan.

TOKYO PACK 2022 | Oct. 12 - 14, 2022

TOKYO PACK is Asia's premier packaging exhibition, showcases all related to packaging including distribution, sales, consumption and recycling.

Oeshiki Festival at Kishibojin Temple | Oct. 16-18. 2022

The Oeshiki is a Buddhist memorial service on the anniversary of the holy priest Nichiren’s death and is also a festival dedicated to the goddess Kishibojin (Hariti). During the Oeshiki many food stalls line around the temple and thousands of people parade on the streets there.

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